See below video of a Boeing 777 charter plan which we have done on behalf of one of our clients.
We are now arranging these on a regular basis.

We are living in unprecedented times which is bringing new challenges to everyone across all walks of life. Of course, there is a very high demand for PPE products to be brought into the country by any means due to the risk of life and unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous traders who are looking to also exploit this with fake goods, false promises of being able to ship goods or by adding inflated margins and profiteering out of this crisis.


What Uniexpress can offer is the assurance that you are dealing with a company that believes in doing business with our clients on a long-term basis. We are established since 1986 so over 34 years of trading history behind us and we would not get to that stage without the ongoing support of our loyal customers.


Pre-Shipment Check

Our agents will liaise with your suppliers to ensure that they do have all necessary licences and paperwork required to export PPE equipment before you arrange any transfer of payment of goods. This is crucial as every day the regulations are becoming more tightly enforced.

This picture was taken in May from the customs warehouse of cargo that has been held due to not having the correct documentation in place.

Sea Freight

Uniexpress have access to express transits, direct options from every China port whether that be the 24-day service from Yantian or the 28- day service from Shanghai. We also operate our own weekly consol services from across the globe for smaller shipments.

Rail Freight

We have access to the various rail services that can offer transit times of approx. 20 days to the UK depending on the origin point.

Duties and Taxes Advice

We can assist you in obtaining Duty and VAT waivers on importing goods if the goods meet the correct criteria of the National Import Relief Unit. We believe some customers maybe importing PPE goods and because they are not selling directly to the NHS they do not think they qualify, this is not the case the duty and tax relief extends to the below organisations:


  • Hospitals
  • Youth Organisations
  • Local Councils
  • Clubs, Homes and Hostels for the aged
  • Orphanages and Children’s homes
  • Organisations set up for the relief of distress caused by disasters in the Customs Union
  • Organisations concerned with the relief of distress generally (such as the British Red Cross Society or the Salvation Army)

Even if goods are not going to the above organisations and they are for commercial use they can also be brought in VAT free if they meet certain criteria which we can also advise on.

PPE Team Contacts – Sally & Angela

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