Terms & Conditions

All rates offered are for Exports on a Door to Quay basis and Imports on a Quay to Door basis. If you require a Door to Door service or if your shipment is outside any of the below-mentioned parameters, then please contact us for rate confirmation at


If you know the weight/cube of your shipment you can enter that immediately or if you need help on that please use the dimensions calculator provided.

The rate provided is based on the cargo meeting the below criteria: –

Applicable for both Exports & Imports

  • Goods being non-hazardous
  • Goods being stackable
  • Under 5000 kgs total booking weight
  • Based on all charges including freight being paid in UK
  • No shipment of spirits or tobaccos
  • Goods being suitable to load in groupage containers with other cargoes without          any restrictions
  • Goods being commercial cargo – personal/household effects rates are available          upon request
  • Collections & Deliveries are from/to vehicle kerbside only, it is client’s                              responsibility to load/unload goods onto vehicle.
  • Collection & Deliveries are based on our first available choice of day when our              haulier is next planning to be in that area and it is based on collection/delivery            within standard business hours 0800-1700 hrs Mon-Fri excluding holidays.
  • Collections & Deliveries are based on standard curtain-sider trailers, without any          access restrictions or special conditions such as timed collections or tail-lifts etc.
  • No cargo is insured unless written instructions received, and additional                          premium/quote agreed
  • All business with Uniexpress Limited is transacted under the current edition of            the Standard Trading Conditions of the British International Freight Association a        copy of which are available on request or downloadable from

Additional terms for Exports only


  • Goods being under 5.85m in length
  • Goods being under 2.33m in width
  • Goods being under 2.29m in height
  • Goods being under 2500 kgs per              cargo lift



We will require a leading mark, number & type of packages, cargo description, weight, volume and customs status to arrange any bookings.

Additional terms for Imports only


  • Goods being under 120 cm in length
  • Goods being under 100 cm in width
  • Goods being under 180 cm in height
  • Goods being under 1000 kgs per              cargo lift



We will require the number of packages, total weight, total cbm, dimensions, cargo description and shippers full contact details to arrange any bookings.

Optional Extra’s


GBP 10.00 per shipment for standard UK export customs entry

(upto 3 tariff headings)


GBP 35.00 per shipment for standard UK import customs entry

(upto 3 tariff headings)


GBP 15.00 per shipment use of deferment fee

(for duties/taxes) if required