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We are one of the UK's largest exporters of Recycled commodities. Our clients include sole international traders operating independently from around the world, trading houses buying and selling from their bases in various global locations to some of the largest recycling companies on the planet.


Our experience of the scrap metal market spans our whole 25 year history. Many of our current clients have actually been working with us since the company started. Our history in this market gives our team the knowledge to not only understand the requirements of our clients and their overseas buyers but also the requirements of the Authorities and shipping lines when handling such commodities.

Many freight agents try to enter this sometimes volatile market expecting large volumes with quick returns but then have difficulties with the regulations and paperwork required which can end up costing both themselves and their clients financially. At Uniexpress we hold the correct Waste Carriers License to enable us to act both professionally and responsibly exporting what some see as waste. We can currently offer the best export prices for full containers world wide for the following commodities:



We can also tailor a price system to suite your requirements which can be updated immediately with the fluctuations in costs and re-confirmed continuously so that you can have a constant indication of the export prices.


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Recycled Commodities