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Whilst Breakbulk shipping is seen as a thing of the past to most people, Uniexpress pride ourselves on our capabilities in this field. In the 25 years that we have been operating, our senior members of the team can even remember a time before containerised shipping!


Our current team call upon this wealth of knowledge along with our experience gained from more recent movements. We can organise every part of the move from door to door where required.


Uniexpress are experts in arranging timed dockside deliveries to meet with the strict berth times of vessels arriving in the UK & worldwide. By using both geared vessels and specialised dock side cranes, breakbulk has become a specialist but common service offered by Uniexpress and used by our clients.

From relatively small but extremely heavy machinery to the longest of lengths we can match a service to our clients requirements. As with our project shipments a member of our team will partner you through the long and difficult process of planning, pricing and execution of the handling and shipment of your Breakbulk cargo. Our extensive network and enthusiasm in this field also allows Uniexpress to operate from origin points around the globe. We can handle large cargo consignments from anywhere in the world to any destination.


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Break Bulk