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Below are some examples of the work we've done at Uniexpress. Click on the images to view full size with text.



Ukraine - Antwerp - Ghana


The pictures show parts of a bio fuel refinery plant which has been dismantled in the Ukraine. Uniexpress worked closely with our client to price the initial job and then arrange the movement of all the parts by road from the location in Poltava Ukraine to our Antwerp facility. There the various components were unloaded from the vehicles. The cargo was then inspected before planning the loading of the flat rack equipment and standard containers.


Once all the consignment was covered and secured, the whole project was shipped on the same vessel to ensure a timely arrival in Ghana before being taken by road to the final delivery point for installation. Both our team and our well placed partners worked closely with our clients to ensure the job was arranged within the budget and time frame given.






















As part of our place as the No.1 exporter of second hand industrial boilers to the Indian sub continent, Uniexpress successfully shipped 45,000 kgs boiler to Pakistan




Uniexpress loaded. lashed and secured this bottling plant to be shipped using 8 x 40ft flat racks to Karachi, Pakistan




Uniexpress helped with the earthquake relief effort in Northern Pakistan by shipping in JCBs and heavy earth moving machinery.




We were the lead logisitcs provider for the Dubai Airport expansion project in 2003-2004. Uniexpress sucessfully delivered over 1,500 teu to the Dubai Airport site on behalf of our VIP account.




Uniexpress recently shipped 1 piece weighing 55,000 kgs which had to be crane-lifted onto a container vessel where it was then loaded and secured onto a platform container and shipped out to Port Kelang, Malaysia.




Our specialist loading facilities were called into use when we were requested to load 2 cables drums weighing over 11 tons per drum into 20ft general containers. 
With all of the weight of the cargo being placed on a very small area we had to use our expertise to spread the weight to ensure safe and secure transit. This also gave our customer a significiant freight saving as we loaded general containers instead of having to use open tops.




Uniexpress helped ship earth moving equipment being taken to Afghanistan on a 40 ft flat rack container as no ro/ro service was available.
Please note we can offer very good alternatives on transport to Afghanistan via our own offices in Karachi




Uniexpress helped move a large, heavy industrial boiler that was 45 tonnes in one piece. Being shipped as breakbulk but on a container vessel with load spread over several containers and taking numerous container slots. This form of movement was both the fastest and the most economical of all available options for a single piece of this weight and size
The project required careful coordination between special transport for delivering direct to vessel and organising the lashing and stowage on vessel , also similar but reverse operation at destination. This was all arranged at time of booking and coordinated between all parties including cranage , transport companies, shipper, shipping line and consignee




Uniexpress recently shipped a nest of trailers bound for East Africa.



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